Media: Taylor Swift used the face recognition system at the concert to track down the stalkers 

One Dagestan fan is in danger.

During the Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, a facial recognition system worked. The organizers used technology to find the singer’s secret pursuers. This was reported by the Rolling Stones with reference to the stadium security officer.

According to the source publication, the system was built into the kiosk, which showed moments from the rehearsals of Swift. The technology scanned the face of everyone who approached the kiosk, and then the data was sent to the “command” center in the city of Nashville and compared with images from the base of hundreds of famous “stalkers” of the singer. It is not clear what they did with the detected pursuers: they could probably have been taken out of the hall or simply followed closely at a concert.

As noted by The Verge, this is the first known case when an American musician used a face recognition system at his concert. Journalists believe that in this case the law is on the side of the performer, since the concert is a private event. Technically, the organizers can use any method of observing the fans.

The Swift concert is not the first time that a facial recognition system has been used at public events. In April 2018 in China, with its help, a man in search was detained : the system found him in a crowd of 60 thousand people.

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