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Kanye West, the Pentagon and cryptoinvestors were called the worst password passwords

Application developers for storing passwords Dashlane made a list of those who, apparently, are not quite right about the security of the network. It should be noted that the analysis was conducted on open sources, and not by studying the passwords of service users. According to Dashlane’s calculations, on average, each user interacts with 200 accounts, in five years this number will double.

The first place in the rating of the company-developer was taken by musician Kanye West, who in October 2017 spotted the password from his iPhone – 000000 on television. Kanye wanted to show Trump a funny picture on his mobile phone and scored zeroes. It is possible that this was done just to not show the real password, but this is only a guess.

In second place – the Pentagon and the US Department of Defense in particular. The US military occupied a high position in the vulnerability rating due to the discovered holes in the security systems. So, it took nine seconds to pick up the admin password, and the weapon control software was protected with standard default passwords, which are publicly available and easy to use.

The third place of honor was for cryptoinvestors. True, their passwords were not simple, but very complex (which does not prevent them from being worse). Therefore, in the wake of the growth of the cryptocurrency rate, whole crowds of forgetters tried to remember what they had done there. Even clairvoyants and fortunetellers were involved in the process.

The company also got into the list of Nutella, which invited Twitter users to celebrate “Password Day” (falls on the first Thursday of May), setting a password for their accounts … Nutella. The ranking includes employees of the White House, the administration of the State of Texas, the University of Cambridge and Google.

The search corporation lit up because of a student from India, who entered the admin panel of the Google TV satellite, clicking the “Enter” button, without filling in the fields with the user name and password. True, to get to the page with the entrance, he used a proxy.

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