Apple develops its own modem to compete with Qualcomm

Apple is searching for engineers to develop their own mobile modems that will be used in future smartphones. The corporation is looking for employees in San Diego, where Qualcomm is located, with which Apple has a serious patent dispute. It is assumed that the manufacturer of the iPhone intends to abandon Qualcomm modems in favor of their own.

According to The Information, the development will take several years, and therefore in Apple’s 2020 smartphones 5G components from Intel will be used.

Qualcomm is a long-time partner of Apple, but the relationship deteriorated after patents that describe resizing photos and navigating through touchscreen applications became a stumbling block. The conflictflared up after a lawsuit from Apple, which accused Qualcomm of overpricing components.

It is noted that the existing Intel solutions are inferior to Qualcomm products in terms of data transfer speeds – up to 40%.

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