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Alcohol appeared in Yandex.Market, but you cannot buy it yet. 

In Russia, the sale of alcohol is prohibited on the Internet, so buyers can only compare prices.

Alcohol in Yandex.Market service page screenshot
  • RBC learned that alcohol appeared in Yandex.Market – vodka, champagne or beer can be viewed on the pages of the online platform, but not bought. The press service of the company confirmed that they launched the test category from December 11;
  • The service so far has agreed with several sellers – L-wine, Simple, Drinx and Vinum. The test mode will last until the first quarter of 2019. In Yandex.Market, they want to know how users will react to a new category;
  • Users will not be able to buy alcohol at Yandex.Market, but, when confirming their age, they will be able to evaluate the assortment and compare prices with store prices. The e-commerce association is confident that this will increase competition between alcohol distributors;
  • In Russia it is forbidden to buy or order alcohol from the Internet: in any case, users must pay for it in a real store. The media wrote several times about the plans of the government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the creation of a law allowing to sell alcohol in online stores. The last bill from the Ministry of Finance assumed the beginning of the discussion of this topic in January 2019.

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