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The blogger offered $ 100 thousand for solving a problem proving the theory of a flat Earth. When it was decided, he refused 

The adept of the anti-scientific theory believed that the impracticability of the problem proves the plane of the globe.

Flat Out Hero shot from his YouTube channel

In late November, YouTube-blogger Flat Out Hero announced a challenge to solve a geometric problem, which allegedly proves the theory of a flat Earth, and offered $ 100,000 for its implementation. When the user posted videos with the solution of the problem, he refused to pay. On this drew the attention of the publication The Daily Dot.

Flat Out Hero is a member of the Flat Earth Society, which shoots the video that the globe is in the shape of a plane. In his video, he stated that he had invented a task that “will score the last nail in the theory of the Earth’s sphericity”.

Terms of task Flat Out Hero:

  • Open flight maps and build a route for the aircraft;
  • Fly from point A to point B, and from there to point C, and move only along these three segments;
  • After each point, make a 90-degree turn and return to point A;
  • According to the supporter of the flat Earth, the task is impossible: on the plane it is impossible to get a triangle with a sum of angles greater than 180 degrees, and here we get a triangle of 270 degrees;
  • On the ball, on the contrary, it is doable: three turns with right angles will return the pilot to the initial point.
Plan of the supposedly impossible flight of a flat Earth supporter

Soon, YouTube-user Wolfie6020, working as a pilot, completed the task: he opened the official flight cards and built the route according to the scheme proposed by Flat Out Hero. Each of the segments after right angles was about five thousand nautical miles.

The flight diagram made by Wolfie6020 is a fragment from his video. 

Flat Out Hero in his videos several times tried to challenge the opponent’s calculations. At first, an adherent of the flat Earth said that Wolfie6020 used digital maps drawn up by “conspirators of the spherical Earth”. Then the pilot repeated the same task on paper maps, as well as on the “correct” site , which he indicated in the description of Flat Out Hero. Moreover, the blogger shot a video with the same coordinates on the dashboard of a real aircraft – in all three cases, the calculations were confirmed.

After that, Wolfie6020 re-demanded its 100 thousand dollars. But Flat Out Hero didn’t do anything. On December 1, almost two months after the promise, he referred to his own doubts about the decision of this Challenge. According to a flat Earth supporter, he “plans” to transfer a few dollars to charity, but not the fact that he will actually do it.

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