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Problems with rewind: how the results of the year from YouTube became the most hated video in the history of YouTube 

Rewind 2018 set a record for service on dislikam and shifted the clip of Bieber.

The video with the results of the year YouTube called Rewind 2018 was the most “zaminusovannym” in the history of YouTube. A few days after the release of the video scored 9.8 million dislikes with two million likes. Rewind removed Justin Bieber’s “ Baby ” clip from first place — it took him eight years to get 9.7 million dislikes.

What is YouTube Rewind

Rewind is an annual format from YouTube with references to the most popular videos, clips and service trends. The peculiarity of such results is that the leading roles are played by dozens of famous YouTube-bloggers from different countries. In fact, this is a presentation of the site from its main creators, which are collected in one video every December.

The results of the year from YouTube come out from 2010 and collect hundreds of millions of views. And under each video likes was more than dizlike. After the release of Rewind 2018, the situation has changed – users began to massively minus the video.

Schedule likes and dislikes under the YouTube Rewind clips. Data from December 7, 2018
Schedule likes and dislikes under the YouTube Rewind clips. Data from December 7, 2018

What disliked movie

According to YouTube, the trend survey of 2018 includes the fascination of people by playing Fortnite, the growing popularity of Korean pop music, Tesla’s launch into space and the In My Feelings flash mob. from the bloggers in the video you can find Marcus Brownley, Casey Neistat, “the queen of shit robots” Simon Hertz, the world’s highest paid streamer Ninja and the nameless author of the channel Primitive Technology. There were also people not from YouTube – actor Will Smith, as well as TV presenters Trevor Noah and John Oliver.

The choice of bloggers and that caused discontent of the audience. The number of invited video creators in Rewind was reduced from 250 in 2017 to 100 in 2018. Stars of the site did not make it to this hundred: PewDiePie (which fights the T-Series channel for the title of the most popular YouTube blogger), Logan Paul and KSI (they staged a boxing match that was watched by 800 thousand people live), and many others.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I remember how Rewind was something of a tribute to content creators on YouTube. It was cool to be a part of it. But now I’m almost glad that I’m not in the 2018 video.[/perfectpullquote]
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According to The Verge, YouTube did not include in the year’s results all who fell into scandals or controversies. The same PewDiePie was noted alongside jokes about Jews and Nazism, while Logan Paul was criticized for removing a man’s body in the Japanese “suicide forest”. The Verge noted that as a result, Rewind, thanks to the community, turned into a promotional video for advertisers. Journalists from Forbes agree with this .

The choice of bloggers for the results of the year could have a slight effect on the popularity of Rewind, but dislikes to video turned into a massive flash mob in social networks and on Reddit. They were joined by millions of fans of bloggers who did not get into the results from YouTube. On Reddit, the dissatisfaction of the video was formulated as follows: the service has lost touch with the audience and has ceased to understand what makes YouTube a unique platform. And the best way to pay attention to the problem – dislink.

“”I’m glad to see you! What did you like from the last thing you saw? “. “YouTube Rewind 2018”

“[Profile name] youtube [nickname] rewind 2018 was crap”
But the bloggers who took part in the Rewind 2018 will have something to remember.

“Fuck you, now I can say that I was in the second most successful video on YouTube in the history”

“The reaction to Rewind 2018 was really outstanding”

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