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In Ankara, the high-speed train derailed, there are numerous wounded 

According to preliminary information, the composition crashed into the overpass.

Turkish high-speed train after the accident photo by

In Ankara, a high-speed passenger train got into an accident and got off the rails. According to preliminary information, the train collided with another train and crashed into an overpass. The Turkish CNN service reported numerous wounded, the number of which is being specified.

    • The train went to the capital of Turkey from the region of Konya. The Russian embassy said it was finding out whether Russian citizens were among the passengers;
    • Turkish media without official confirmations provide data on 43 victims and at least four dead;
    • After the accident, both trains went off the rails, and parts of the overpass collapsed on the wagons. Judging by the photographs, at least two cars flew into the bridge structure;
    • The causes of the incident are not yet known, rescuers are working on the site.

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