Architecture: Multi-storey house of cargo containers 

Built in 2017 in South Africa.

Photo LOT-EK

The apartment building Drivelines Studios in Johannesburg in South Africa is intended as a new generation of housing and is located in Maboneng, an area of ​​recent urban transformations. It is believed that young residents of this area are actively involved in the revival, revitalization and rethinking of the city center.

The basis of the seven-story building was 140 freight containers located around the courtyard and connected by stairs, passages and an elevator shaft. Large windows were cut through their outer walls, which together form the facade design, as well as contribute to natural lighting and ventilation.

Apartments in the complex are of different sizes, but each has a kitchen and a bathroom.

Photo LOT-EK

On the ground floor, in addition to several residential apartments, there are shops and a public courtyard with a garden and a swimming pool.

Cargo containers are becoming an increasingly popular material in world architecture. For example, of them in Qatar will build a stadium for the World Cup 2022, they are used to create living rooms and public spaces.

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