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Time called Khashukji and other affected journalists person of the year. 

For the first time in a 90-year history, a man won who is no longer alive.

The murdered journalist Jamal Khashukji on the cover of Time Photo from the site of publication

The winner of the multi-year nomination “Man of the Year” according to Time magazine was the murdered journalist Jamal Hashukji. In addition to him, all journalists who suffered from persecution in 2018 were named personas of the year. This publication reported on his twitter.

Who else became the man of the year according to Time in 2018:

  • Russian journalists Tatyana Felgengauer, who was attacked directly at the editorial office in 2017, and Arkady Babchenko, who staged his own murder in May 2018;
  • The editors of the American The Capital Gazette, five of whom died in the July attack;
  • Reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in prison for investigating the genocide in Myanmar;
  • A Philippine journalist who has written several critical articles about President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drug traffickers, who are tried in their homeland;

The publication conducts a rubric 92 times, traditionally naming the name of the person who, with his good or bad actions, had the greatest impact on the world. In 2016, Donald Trump, who won the elections in the USA , was recognized as the person of the year , and in 2017, people who spoke about violence and sexual harassment.

Jamal Hashukji is a Saudi journalist who was killed at his country’s embassy in Turkey. According to the media and the CIA, behind this is Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, who has avenged the reporter for criticism. Due to the death of Hashukji and further investigation, relations between the United States, Turkey and the European Union and Saudi Arabia have worsened.

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