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The number of players of the card game from Valve fell 5 times

The number of simultaneous online players of Valve’s new Artifact card game, two weeks after its release, fellby 80%. If at the start of the game the online peak was about 60,000 people, at the moment it was reduced to about 12,000.

The launch of the game was accompanied by dissatisfaction of gamers. They complained that in the paid game ($ 20), the extraction of new cards is too much tied to investing additional cash resources.

“Selling CCB in 2018 at a price of $ 20 is a very strange decision that inevitably reduced the number of players, ” commented RuHub analyst Jaroslav NS Kuznetsov at the launch of the game.

He also noted that the lack of a mobile version is holding back the interest in the game: why play on a computer in CCB based on Dota 2, if you can play Dota itself?

Despite declining online players, Valve promises to support Artifact for a very long time, updating and complementing its card collection game.

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