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“The most modern robot” in the Russian news was a man in a suit

Yesterday the forum “PROJECT” opened in Yaroslavl. A demonstration of Boris, who can walk, talk, dance and even loves math, was timed to the discovery, reports TJournal. Boris immediately got into the news, being one of the “most modern robots” presented on the forum.

The viewers immediately had questions for the robot: for its jerky movements, for the lack of sensors and intermediate publications about the development of Boris, for the voice of the robot was voiced in the hall without a microphone brought to the conditional mouth of the robot. In general, outwardly it seemed that there was a strong human element in this robot. And this assumption was confirmed.

Attentive netizens found a costume for animators “Robot Alyosha” , which looked exactly like the most modern Russian robot Boris.

And in one of the pictures posted on the Twitter account of the Russian TV channel, we found a photo showing the neck of the animator inside the costume.

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