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The creators of Prisma launched an application for processing self using machine learning 

Lensa is already out in the App Store.

Prisma Labs has released the Lensa application for processing portrait photos and selfies using machine learning. As told  in the company, the photo service is already available in the App Store , and for Android will be released in early 2019.

The feature of Lensa is that it can automatically edit inaccuracies in a photo using machine learning algorithms. Users can apply face retouching, blur the background and edit eye contrast. It is also possible to edit the foreground and background in the pictures.

In the free version of Lensa, only part of the functions are available. Paid will cost 399 rubles per month. In the future, the developers have promised to update the list of photo service functions.

The photo application Prisma, which transferred the styles of famous artists to photos of users with the help of neural networks, was launched in 2016. The founders of the application, Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hayrapetyan, leftPrisma in early June, and then launched the social security service Capture.

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