The American spent 4 thousand dollars on a huge luminous statue showing the middle finger to the authorities 

The authorities can do nothing: the sculpture is considered an art object, and to remove it means to violate the right to freedom of speech.

A resident of Westford (Vermont) Ted Pelkey ​​(Ted Pelkey) installed a huge wooden sculpture of the hand, showing the middle finger near the road. To make it visible, the American attached it to a five-meter post. Pelki told the media that in this way he turned to the local authorities, who for many years did not give him permission to build a garage.

Ted is repairing trucks, but his place of work is in another city. Therefore, in 2008, he appealed to the Westford Development Council with a request to build a large garage for work. But the authorities rejected the proposal, and continued to block the next ten years.

The 54-year-old American considered the decision unfair and decided to take revenge. “I was sitting at the bar and told my wife that I wanted to put the statue with the middle finger on the lawn,” remembered Pelky. The action was not aimed at Westford residents – only at Council representatives: “Very good people live here, I didn’t want to show disrespect towards them.”

On the sculpture, he spent more than 4 thousand dollars. Pelka also connected the light to the wooden arm so that it could be seen at night. In early December, he established his “work of art” near the road.

The statue for several days became a landmark of the town with a population of two thousand people. Later it turned out that the Ustford authorities could not remove a hand with a middle finger from the post. She fell under the category of art objects, which means that any actions against her are a violation of the freedom of speech.

This is the most amazing thing I’ve done in my life.

Ted Pelky
sculpture author
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