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Shooting took place near the Christmas market in France. Three died, 12 suffered 

Police are looking for an attacker.

Updated at 23:40: Police clarified the data: 10 people were injured, one died. The attacker continues to search.
Updated at 04:03 According to official police data , 12 people were injured, of whom six are in serious condition. Three people died during the shooting. The attacker is on the run and twice shot with the police, they are looking for him all over the city.
Photo from Twitter Peter van Dalen

Because of the shooting at the Christmas market in the French Strasbourg, 10 people were injured and one died. The police cordoned off the scene and looking for the attacker. It is reported by “BBC” with reference to the words of the police.

Shooting began near the Christmas fair, held on Kleber Square – this is one of the central districts of the city. Some media reported that one person died due to the shooting, but this information is not confirmed.

The French Interior Ministry has confirmed that an “incident that poses a serious threat to society” occurred in the city center. The authorities did not disclose details and called on residents of the central regions to lock themselves at home.Journalist from Strasbourg Bruno Poussard (Bruno Poussard) reported on his Twitter account that he heard “dozens of shots” on his street in the center of the city. A spokesman for the European Parliament, Emmanuel Foulon , said that in Strasbourg there was a panic over the sounds of shooting, and that the police were running around with weapons in the streets.

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