In the Russian Academy of Sciences about manned flight to the Moon: for now this is only a theory

Director of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Kostitsyn in an interview with RIA Novosti stated that the Russian manned mission to the Moon is at the theoretical stage. “For many years we have been dreaming of resuming flights to the moon and continuing its research, but the theory of sending a manned mission to the moon does not move,” the scientist said.

According to him, Russia is not ready for manned missions to the moon. “Today this question is being worked out in theory, calculations are being made, experimental modules are being created, but still very far from implementation, ” added Yuri Kostitsyn. He noted that the launch of the apparatus for the study of the moon “Luna-25” was postponed several times, now its launch is scheduled for 2021. Only in 2022-2024 it is planned to send a few more vehicles to the Moon, one of them after 2025 will deliver samples of lunar soil to Earth.

Kostitsyn also spoke about the landing of Americans on the moon and its possible dramatization. According to him, it would have been more difficult and more expensive to stage a landing, than to make it. In addition, it would have been impossible to keep deception secret because not only NASA, but also many independent firms participated in the program.

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