Findings of Huawei released on bail of $ 7.5 million, Trump will get involved

Last week it was reported on the detention of Huawei Technologies Myung Vanchzhou CFO in Canada. The United States is seeking opportunities to secure its extradition, as it violated the law on American trade sanctions against Iran. On the eve, Meng Wenzhou was released on bail of 10 million Canadian dollars (about $ 7.5 million).

The sum was collected by Myung Wangzhou’s husband, as well as her colleagues and friends (she is the daughter of the founder of Huawei), who provided the collateral with money and real estate. It is reported that Donald Trump is interested in the case, who intends to connect in case it somehow concerns the national security of the country or has economic implications for the United States.

The arrest jeopardized negotiations between the United States and China to end the economic war between countries. Last week, the deputy foreign minister also said that if Meng Wangzhou was not released, this would result in “unpleasant consequences” for Canada.

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