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Camillus ants snap their jaws at a speed of 320 km / h

The scientific journal Royal Society Open Science published a study of American biologists and entomologists, according to which the ants Mystrium camillae make the fastest movements in the animal world. They are able to click the mandibles at a speed of more than 90 m / s (320 km / h). Thus, camillus ants bypassed previous record holders – ants of the species Odontomachus bauri, who do the same at a speed of more than 200 km / h.

You should not be afraid of these ants. They live mainly in Southeast Asia and Australia and use their jaws as weapons: they press the tips of the mandibles to each other, and then click like human fingers. The blow is so strong that opponents get a contusion or physical injury.

Mystrium camillae live underground or in the trunks of trees, rarely come to the surface. That is why it is difficult for victims to pass each other in the tunnels.

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