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5G-network launched in Warsaw

Polish mobile operator T-Mobile Polska launched the first fully functioning 5G network in the country and Eastern Europe. There are few base stations, they cover the center of Warsaw, but gradually the zone will expand. The speed of propagation of the 5G network depends not only on the financial capabilities of Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary, but also on the authorities who are responsible for issuing permissions to use the frequency range.

Take advantage of the capabilities of the new network will be some of the partners of the cellular operator who received the necessary equipment. The network uses equipment supplied by Huawei. It is noted that Deutsche Telekom has long been cooperating with a Chinese vendor in the development of 5G networks.

According to analysts from Dell’Oro, Huawei’s share in the communications equipment market in the third quarter of 2018 was 28%. Since 2015, it has grown by about 4%, while the shares of Ericsson and Nokia have decreased by 1 and 3%, respectively. According to Dell’Oro, Huawei’s revenue from sales of telecom equipment is almost the same as Nokia’s and Ericsson’s revenue combined.

Currently, Huawei is under pressure from the United States and some other countries that refuse to buy 5G equipment from a Chinese company.

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