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In Japan, an annual competition for robots for teens. In 2018, the challenge of throwing a bottle became a “challenge” 

Students and schoolchildren created dozens of robots that do it as effectively and accurately as possible.

Since 2002, the Asia-Pacific College has been annually hosting national Robocon competitions in Japan. They are intended for teenagers of 15-20 years who are just beginning to master robotics.

Each time the participants are given a specific task that needs to be solved with the help of robots. In 2018, this “challenge” was a trick to toss a bottle. Its essence comes down to tossing the bottle so that it turns over in the air, but lands on the bottom and resists.

Robocon participants created dozens of robots that not only managed to perform the trick much more precisely than people, but also did it extremely effectively. One “shot” bottles like a machine gun in different directions, and the other “took” the bottle on the trampoline and threw it only after that.

NHK photo

Especially for the Robocon-2018 built an arena with several tables of different heights, on which the bottles were supposed to land. For each successful landing on the site, the team received one point, and one table was two-level – 5 points were given for it at once.

The team won the competition at the National College of Technology Kumamoto. Her robot would release the bottle during rotation, after which she would roll in the air and land on the bottom, continuing to stand.

Challenge tossing bottles began in 2016 with the movie high school student from the US Senator Mike (Mike Senatore). After that, many schoolchildren and students began to repeat the trick. In some schools, it was banned , and scientists are interested in complex physics, which lies behind the trick.

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