2GIS adapted its cards for Apple CarPlay faster than Yandex, which is not interesting 

For Android will be later.

Interface 2GIS in Apple CarPlay Company Photos

In the 2GIS application for iOS, there was support for displaying navigation on a screen in a car through the Apple CarPlay system, was told at the company. Although 2GIS itself is more a map service than a navigator, its interface in CarPlay is more designed for drivers: the application will find the necessary point for laying a route, show maneuvers, bookmarks of addresses from the “Favorites”, as well as traffic on the route.

Subsequently, 2GIS plans to add voice search and route selection taking into account traffic jams, as well as adapt the application for Android Auto.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We like the concept of CarPlay and Android Auto, when the capabilities of a modern phone are integrated into the car. It is obvious that the share of such machines in the market will grow very quickly. We want every new car owner to use the most accurate and complete maps, so we made 2GIS for CarPlay and will expand the capabilities of the application.[/perfectpullquote]
Angela Druzhinina
product manager 2GIS

In late October, Yandex told  that it was not working on adapting its Navigator for CarPlay. Instead, the company focused on its other car product, the Yandex.Auto system.

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