Yota tariff for 0 rubles. How it works

A month ago, Yota did a strange thing. The operator has a tariff for 0 rubles .

That’s right, you hold a SIM-card and do not pay anything – as if it was 2008, and have not yet come up with daily charges for service packages.

The main feature of this tariff is the ability to not connect any calls or SMS . Instead, you choose, for example, several unlimited services: Apple Music, YouTube, WhatsApp and that’s it. You pay only for them.

Result: you have unlimited where needed. And in a month you give the unhappy one hundred rubles a penny . And this, of course, is a unique precedent.

In 2018, even I found where to attach a SIM card with an unusual Yota tariff.

What is this tariff for?


The joke is that Yota did not launch new tariffs. They have a long time one tariff constructor , you will not get confused in any way. Just now there appeared a new option.

If earlier you had to choose at least the minimum number of prepaid minutes or GB, then now you can refuse them. Result – 0 rub. per month.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]How it works? There are no connected services and packages on the tariff, therefore the subscription fee is 0 rubles . The main thing is that you can connect unlimited traffic to specific online services.[/perfectpullquote]

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The cost of connecting “no limit” is from 10 rubles. per month in the regions and from 15 rubles. in Moscow and St. Petersburg.[/perfectpullquote]

Nothing so an option. Prices for no-limit applications are mentally low:

• VKontakte – 25 rubles.
• Instagram – 25 rubles.
• Facebook and Messenger – 25 rubles.
• Classmates – 25 rubles.
• Twitter – 25 rubles.
• Viber – 15 rubles.
• WhatsApp – 15 rubles.
• Skype – 15 rubles.
• YouTube – 60 rubles.
• Music – 40 rubles.

Now to reality. Suppose you are using instant messenger, watching YouTube and listening to music. Nothing else. We count and get: 115 rubles. per month .

This is where it has been seen that they give 115 rubles a month for no-limit?

Calls to all mobile and landline numbers of Russia, including on trips around the country – from 2.5 ₽ / min.

Well, if you want to do the opposite and get a maximum of gigabytes for free use, then you can take 50 GB for just 400 rubles. per month. And at least turn around.

How much will I pay in this fare


I have a second iPhone . I use it on a strictly limited set of software. I do not call, only incoming and SMS registration on muddy sites.

I decided to calculate: how much the option will cost without any calls , without SMS, but with the services I need. And there are only three of them for backup smartphone.

• YouTube – 60 rubles. 
• Music – 40 rubles. 
• Facebook and Messenger – 25 rubles.

Total: 125 rubles. per month . Instead of 380 rubles, which now pay for the same from another operator, but with unnecessary minutes or gigabytes. And that’s not it:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Ordering a SIM card costs 300 rubles. They are credited to your account upon activation. That is, “Simka” is actually free, and it will be delivered to you anywhere.[/perfectpullquote]

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]And the first month is paid with a 50% discount . Like this![/perfectpullquote]

Let’s compare this with the “traditional” GB package of the same Yota.

  • 2 GB without calls: 250 rub.
  • 6 GB without calls: 280 rub.
  • 2 GB with calls: 330 rub.

Regular rates are 2 times more expensive . And there will be no unlimited. Personally, I see that the choice is obvious: it is better to connect the necessary applications and not drive at all about the traffic in them than to shake for each gigabyte.

The prices of similar packages for other operators differ little, plus or minus 20 rubles. They can’t completely disable calls / SMS, so the base cost of my “constructor” is even higher.

To such a “tariff” will be in the subject

1. If you do not call and do not write SMS.

2. If you use only a few messengers or services.

3. If you need a backup SIM without spending a rainy day.

To pay 100 rubles a month and have no limit where it is really important – this is now possible only with Yota . Do not forget that the first month will cost 50% cheaper . And the delivery of the SIM card is virtually free.

More to such unusual tariffs. It is precisely more useful and more interesting than reading with a magnifying glass PDFs of the next pseudo-unlimited version from a large “opsox”.

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