What is Teleport: a photo application for hair dyeing and changing the background 

And how it got to second place in the App Store in a matter of days.


The first version of Teleport – an application for changing hair color – appeared in online stores on July 22. By August 1, the photo editor got to the second place among the free applications of the Russian App Store and before the 18th on Google Play . According to the owners, the program has already been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

How does it work

The photo editor, whose principle of operation is based on neural networks, has two main functions. The first allows you to process photos so that the hair color changes. The second changes the background behind the person. The effect is best seen in portraits.

In Teleport, by analogy with filters on Instagram or VSCO, it is necessary to choose a color for hair coloring. The simplest variations are blue and dark blue, green and dark green, red, pink, red and gray. There are more difficult combinations, as well as the ability to make a collage of four or nine photos. To train the neural network, the developers manually separated the background from the silhouette in 30 thousand cases.

A new background can be chosen from those already represented in the library: for example, the Eiffel Tower, the beach, the Statue of Liberty or the surface of the Moon. If the default options are not enough, just upload any photo from your gallery on your phone.

Edited photo is saved almost instantly. You will need to wait for processing only at the stage of loading the snapshot into the application. Get rid of the watermark with the Teleport logo in the current version is impossible. Russian language in the application is not supported.

Who created

The co-founder and mentor of Teleport was entrepreneur and developer Viktor Koch . He is known for creating GiF-file store Slinky (sold for 1.7 million dollars), anonymous forum Likeallitle, as well as work on the service for pending publications and FeedMan VoxImplant cloud platform. Other co-founders are Vladislav Urazov and Bogdan Matveev.

According to Vedomosti , the company is registered in the United States and has already received a million dollars of investment, mainly from entrepreneur Albert Nisanov. This is a relative of businessman Year Nisanov, who is on the 36th place in the Russian rating of Forbes, engaged in real estate and product supply.

How the company will earn is not yet clear; there is no advertising in the application. According to the creators, they are interested in being absorbed by an American company. With this outcome, Teleport technology can be embedded in a similar, but proven application.

In the meantime, most likely, the co-founders are focused on finding new investors and cosmetic brands. According to the authors, a potential client will be able to test the hair color in the application, and then pick the same one in the company.

How became popular

Fame came to Teleport not organically, as in the case of Prisma or FaceApp , but after massive information support from well-known people in different circles. They posted collages on Instagram.

The creators revealed the details of only one advertising publication – in the blog of a TV presenter, singer and former member of “House 2” Olga Buzova. Placement on a page with 10.1 million subscribers cost Teleport 100 thousand rubles.

@ buzova86

In Instagram since the end of July there have been publications from other popular bloggers. Commentators were asked to choose what goes more to the author and whether he should change his hair color.

@reginatodorenko (Regina Todorenko)
@reginatodorenko (Regina Todorenko)
@borodylia (Ksenia Borodina)
@borodylia (Ksenia Borodina)
@buslya (Tatiana Bulanova)
@buslya (Tatiana Bulanova)

Teleport managed to spread even to the Russian regions. For example, in Volgograd, the application was tested on deputies, actresses and sportswomen born in the city.

It is difficult to say whether it will be possible to convert the current success into regular customers using Teleport. In the latest ranking of free iTunes applications, the photo editor overtook WhatsApp, VKontakte and Instagram, second only to the game My Diggy Dog. At the same time, according to App Annie , he has already fallen in popularity to fifth place among free apps on iOS.

Who has not taken advantage of Teleport, but it would be worth


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