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“VKontakte” began closed testing of a separate messenger for smartphones based on “Messages”

He has been on social network plans since 2014.

VKontakte has started closed testing of VK Me. It is designed for smartphones on iOS and Android and works on the basis of the “Messages” of the social network.

Application test builds are currently available only to VK Testers program members after approval of the application. As reported in a closed group for testers in VKontakte, the application is designed for those cases when you do not want to be distracted by the tape, public messages and notifications in VKontakte.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Sometimes you want to focus on communication: discuss plans with your friends for the evening, quickly call, raise money for a gift to a colleague or group mate. At such moments, there is not always a desire to be distracted by the tape, public messages and notices.[/perfectpullquote]
from an entry in the closed community of VKontakte testers

It is noted that the “Messages” – one of the most visited products of the social network. The record also states that this is an “experimental product” – it is unclear whether it will become public or continue to exist as an experiment, as “channels” in groups.

Representatives of VKontakte confirmed to that they were testing the messenger as a separate application. They promised to tell all the details “when the product will be ready for release”. The number of participants in testing in “VKontakte” refused to disclose.

In April 2014, Facebook allocated the “messages” to a separate Messenger application and removed them from the main social network application. Mark Zuckerberg then explained this decision by the fact that it was inconvenient for users to switch between tabs with a ribbon and messages.

In August 2014, VKontakte announced that it plans to release three separate applications: for photos, audio recordings and messages. After that, the social network released Snapster for snapshots and Boom for listening to music, as well as VK Messenger for macOS and Windows.

Odnoklassniki, also owned by Mail.Ru Group, launched its own instant messenger in 2016. In May 2017, it was renamed Tam-Tam.

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