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The legendary DOOM today is 25 years old. IDDQD

We close our eyes and move quickly to 1993. Remember what he remembered the game world? That’s right, on December 10th, id Software released the first part of the first-person shooter Doom.

Somewhere in a year, for the first time I managed to play this miracle of gaming thought with square graphics, from which the brain experienced ecstasy in 1994.

I remember machine guns at the station now, in order to launch DOOM on which you had to buy tokens from an evil teller who worked at the playing hall. Damn it, because it seemed that it was only yesterday …

Many of my peers then had a dream – to get an unlimited token and not to stop passing DOOM.

The game was developed in 12 months, deciding to somewhat improve the pioneer of the Wolfenstein 3D genre. A year later, the second part of DOOM II: Hell on Earth was released, in 1996 – Final Doom, in 1997 – DOOM 64.

Taking a break of seven years, the developers finally matured for a third of the bloody shooter. Next come another six parts of the game.

Today, the “combination of immortality” IDDQD is 25 years old. Today is the birthday of the game, which turned the whole industry upside down. And, as before, we look forward to the year 2019 and the release of DOOM Eternal.In the meantime, we continue to crush demons, monsters, get chainsaws and shotguns, let’s see the congratulation of the company Bethesda:


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