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The Briton killed his wife for the sake of a guy from a gay dating app. Help solve the case iOS-application “Health” 

The man had long planned the murder and hoped that his wife would give birth to a child whom he would keep for himself after her death.

Mitesh Patel returns home with a pizza at the time when his wife allegedly died. Photo by the Cleveland Police

Briton Mitesh Patel (Mitesh Patel) strangled his wife Jessica with a package from the store to go to the guy from the Grindr app to search for gay dating. The man told the police that the house was attacked while he was going for a pizza, but this does not agree with the data from the Health app from his iPhone. The story drew the attention of The Washington Post.

How did the murder happen

On May 14, Patel called the ambulance, greeted him and said that unknown persons had robbed the house and attacked his wife, Jessica. He told the operator he did not know if she survived.

According to Patel, the robbers overturned the whole house: clothes and belongings were scattered on the floor. However, the situation at the crime scene seemed strange to the medical and police arrivals.

The situation in the house of Patel immediately after the murder of his wife. Photo of the Cleveland Police

Jessica was immobilized in the living room: she was strangled with a package from the local Tesco grocery store. Investigators did not find traces of penetration into the home. In addition, a camera was installed in the house, but a hard disk for it was found in a suitcase under the bed. As it turned out later, someone damaged the record a few minutes before the police arrived.

Under the double bottom, in the Patel’s bedside table, they found his inverted photograph with another man. Soon, the police found that the unknown person from the photo was a doctor from Australia, whom Patel met in the app for gay dating Grindr.

Background of the kill

From the side of Patel and Jessica, the marriage might have seemed perfect: the couple had known each other since early childhood – they grew up together in a Hindu commune in West Yorkshire. As adults they met again – already at the university.

Patel was Jessica’s first boyfriend. Together they owned a popular pharmacy in the county. In the local edition of Teessida Live, they wrote that they were selling “more than just medicine”, and the institution is “the center of the suburb”.

Investigators believe that extramarital relationships with men were probably one of the greatest secrets of Patel. According to the staff of his pharmacy, they often found the man behind the choice of potential partners when Jessica was not around.

The police found that Patel had planned to kill his wife for five years. The man waited so long, because he expected Jessica to get pregnant. Then he could pick up after killing a child and bring him up with a boyfriend.

The investigation revealed that Jessica was never pregnant, but before her death she was undergoing intrauterine fertilization. For the death of his wife in a robbery, Patel could receive 2 million euros of insurance. With this money, he planned to go to Australia and start a new life there.

The woman still found out that her husband was fond of men, finding the message “I love you” in his phone, addressed to the Australian. According to investigators, this was the cause of deep tension in their marriage.

In correspondence with her husband Jessica, she threatened to part, because “she just wanted to become a mother and have a small family.” In one of the messages, she threatened to interrupt the IVF cycle if Patel continues to use Grindr. He replied that he would not forgive her for this.

According to the history of search queries, after this conversation, Patel seriously thought about killing his wife. For example, among his requests were “I need to kill my wife”, “conspiracy to kill my wife, why do I need accomplices”, “do you pay insurance if you were killed” and “Hindu burial of a married woman”. Also, the man watched a video on YouTube “how much time it takes for a man to die from suffocation.”

How the Health application helped solve the case

Patel told the police that he had last seen his wife before the “long walk.” The man claimed that he walked to the pharmacy and took the pizza, and returned to the looted house.

Patel was not 42 minutes, but he could not confirm the alibi for the entire absence. However, the Health app, installed on all modern iPhones, came to the aid of the investigators. It counts calories and captures different types of iPhone movements using the M-series motion coprocessor.

The police studied the data from the couple’s smartphones and found out that at 7:44 pm, before the camera recorded Patel leaving the house, the Health app on Jessica’s phone recorded 14 steps – these were her last movements.

After Patel left the house, the woman’s iPhone no longer moved. At the same time, his smartphone has registered sharp ups and downs on the stairs. The investigators presented this data as evidence that at that moment Patel was trying to fake burglary, and not just walking down the street.


Fresh scratches were found on Jessica’s neck, and Patel’s DNA was found under her nails. According to criminologists, this means that a woman fought with her husband before dying. Patel’s lawyer insisted that the killer could have worn gloves and left no traces, but only the DNA of the man was found at the crime scene.

On December 5, a jury court took the side of the prosecution and sentenced Patel to 30 years in prison. The chief investigator of the case noted in his statement that the man had gone “to extreme measures” in order to hide his involvement in the murder.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Mitesh went to extremes, trying to furnish the crime scene as if Jess had died during a robbery. The investigation proved that it was a lie — one of many that Mitesh had invented to hide his guilt and way of life.[/perfectpullquote]
Matt Murphy-King
Cleveland Police Chief Investigator

At the end of the meeting, Patel admitted that he did use Grindr and talked with an Australian doctor. However, he told the jury that this was all one big coincidence. In response to a question, why did he watch instructions for strangling people right before his wife died, Patel answered that they watched him together.

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