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Russia will develop an encryption system using the atmosphere

Russian scientists are developing a system for encrypting information using the properties of the atmosphere – the so-called vortex beams, in which light twists, like a whirlpool. According to TASS, the authors of the development intend to use the natural properties of the turbulent atmosphere so that it itself creates a cryptographic key to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted information.

“In order to transmit an increasing amount of information without entangling the house with optical fibers, one must learn to pass through the atmosphere at a finite segment … The turbulence of atmospheric air distorts radiation. So, you need to be able to fix it or even use it for your own purposes, ”explained the main researcher of the Institute of Atmospheric Optics (IOA). V. Ye. Zueva of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Tomsk Valery Aksenov.

“The vortex can be twisted stronger or weaker, and the degree of twist can be denoted by an integer. Having at its disposal a set of beams with different values ​​of this number, one can increase the information density in the optical communication channel. The more beams, the higher the speed. The method provides a potential opportunity to solve the problem of transferring large amounts of data, the flow of which is constantly increasing,  ”said Aksenov.

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