Radiation will deprive astronauts of 2.5 years of life when flying to Mars

Radiation exposure during a flight to Mars will take away from each crew member 2.5 years of life (excluding the two-year journey itself). About this reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the report held in Moscow conference “Aerospace and Environmental Medicine”.

The experts carried out calculations of the total radiation risk over the entire life of the astronauts after long, up to 3 years, flights to Mars during the period of maximum solar activity with different thickness of the protection of the radiation shelter from aluminum. According to the documents describing the theses of the reports, the calculations took into account the simple spherical shape of the spacecraft with the standardized phantom of the human body model placed inside.

Next, we considered the case of a quick launch of a spacecraft into Mars orbit using a liquid jet engine and a nuclear power propulsion system. The total radiation risk was estimated for the life of astronauts regardless of their age. The total reduction in average life expectancy was 2.5 years.

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