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Production of the film “Metro 2033” stopped

Work on the adaptation of the novel “Metro 2033” by Dmitry Glukhovsky was suspended due to disagreements on the basis of an adapted scenario. According to VG24 / 7, in 2012, MGM acquired the rights to film adaptation of the novel, but screenwriter F. Scott Fraser set out to completely Americanize history: events, according to his plan, were to unfold in Washington.

However, the work on the project ended up with nothing, and the rights for the adaptation of the book returned to Glukhovsky. According to the author, now there is a search for other producers who would be interested in creating a film based on “Metro 2033”. “This is a long and complicated process. But I am still full of optimism, ”Dmitry Glukhovsky noted. He believes that the output of Metro Exodus will help dot the i.

In an interview, the creator of the popular franchise said that the transfer of events to Washington would lead to the loss of symbolism embedded in the novel and working only in post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the entourage of the city and country.

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