On Twitter, we learned that Apple tech support can remotely connect to an iPhone and see the contents of the screen.

However, company employees cannot do this without asking or controlling the device.

Twitter user Brian Campbell (Bryan Campbell) posted a video that shows how AppleCare tech support helped him solve the problem with his daughter’s smartphone. To do this, the employees connected to the device remotely and began to point the cursor where to click.

The man was surprised that Apple could interact with iPhones remotely. At the same time, he explained that he confirmed possession of a financial document by a smartphone.

In fact, the function that surprised Campbell has been around for a long time. Back in 2013, Engadget reported that users can show screen support for AppleCare. Then for this it was necessary to download a small program on the iPhone, through which Apple employees connected to the iPhone.

Apparently, the function is implemented through the AirPlay protocol, presented by Apple in 2010. It allows you to transfer audio and video in real time between devices.

Regular users can not display the screen of devices on iOS to each other and make notes with the cursor. As the Reddit commentators, who introduced themselves as AppleCare employees, explained , a number of restrictions were imposed on the function, due to which it could not be misused.

How are the “demonstration” of the screen for employees AppleCare

  • Technical support cannot watch the user in disguise: first, the device owner needs to generate a link and confirm the identity, as well as pass several interfaces with confirmations;
  • During a conversation, the status bar on iOS will glow blue with the words “AppleCare is viewing your screen”;
  • Employees can not choose a user and connect: for this he must take a call;
  • When the call is terminated, access to the screen is automatically terminated. If an employee wants to connect to someone, he will have to make a fake call and in some way force the user at the other end to accept the request;
  • Apple does not see any benefit in giving access to device control. Employees do not have the ability to control iPhones: all they can do is point to the places on the screen. So tech support helps customers “learn to use the device themselves and reduces the number of repeated calls due to the same problem.”
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