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In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive appeared mode of “royal battle”

The developers of CS: GO made their game free, and also added the “royal battle” mode of the Danger Zone, which is built around the tactical component of the game. In this mode, there are 16 people on the server at the same time, if you are playing alone, or 18 people, if you are playing in a team of 2-3 partners.

In the Danger Zone, players need to collect loot, kill enemies and do everything to survive. The weapon deals the same damage as in the main CS: GO mode, but it is possible to increase the number of health points to 120 and thereby relive a situation that could be fatal in standard mode. Matches in the Danger Zone last only about 10 minutes.

The game became free, and all users playing before the release of Danger Zone received a memorable mark of Loyalty Badge. In addition, these players have received prime-status. Those who decide to join the game just now will need to reach level 21 and assign a mobile phone number to Steam Guard in order to receive prime status for free. Well, or you can pay about $ 15.

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