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Google introduced a tool for creating volumetric video from a bird’s flight 

As with the drone, but without leaving the room.

Google introduced Google Earth Studio tool for creating videos based on 3D images of the Earth. The company claims that it will help researchers, journalists and ordinary users to create videos with landscapes, cities and other footage from the air.

However, in Earth Studio, only those cities are available for which a 3D map is built. Their list in the company did not specify.

Google snapshot

Thanks to the tool, you can move from one point to another, change the scale, as well as show the image from orbit and speed up the shooting. The company noted that to create a video does not need separate skills in animation. Google also provided video instructions on how to use the tool.

At the time of this writing, only a trial version of Google Earth is available, but permission to use it depends on “each specific case.” To make a video, you must fill out a form indicating the place of work, profession and goals for which it is necessary. Editor left the application, but has not yet received access to Google Earth – the company promised to respond later.

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