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Facebook banned “having fun tonight”

The social network Facebook decided to tighten the screws in full, banning the discussion of sexual orientation and even hint at any actions of a “sexual nature”. Users can not make dates for sex, publish nude photos, use slang to describe sexual activities, and so on.

In the updated rules introduced the concept of explicit and implicit sexual harassment. If everything is obvious with “explicit”, then “implicit” includes actions described as “mentioning sexual intercourse along with one or several kinds of utterances with erotic overtones” and, in particular, “hints with sexual overtones, for example, mentioning sexual roles, poses or fetishistic scenarios. “

Erotic videos, strip shows, as well as some types of massage (including tantric) are banned. Moreover, the phrase “I want to have fun tonight”, an innocent at first sight, is banned and will be interpreted as having sexual connotations. Accordingly, it is regarded as “implicit sexual harassment”.

The rules concern not only Facebook’s own pages, but also other services of the company, including the messenger.

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