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Bitcoin set a 2018 anti-record

The most popular cryptocurrency delivered the anti-record of 2018: its rate dropped below $ 3.4 thousand. In 24 hours, the capitalization of this virtual currency decreased by about $ 4.8 billion, over the week the figure was more than $ 14 billion. According to Coindesk, the current trend may indicate that fiat money is withdrawn from cryptocurrency.

At the end of the day, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies decreased by about $ 11.5 billion over the day and amounted to $ 110.6 billion, which is much less than $ 813 billion in January of the outgoing year.

Analysts believe that the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is not very healthy. According to them, if some positive driver does not appear in the near future, which can contribute to the growth of virtual money rates, the downward trend will continue in 2019.

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