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Belarusians bypassed Microsoft to GitHub repository

A small team of Belarusian developers managed to reach the top of the GitHub rating in the Typescript category. One of the project participants, Roman, told Onliner details.

According to the developer, in the top there are usually solutions from Google and Microsoft, but sometimes when you post a new project you can take a leading position and a small company. For some time, Belarusians even outstripped Microsoft: the corporation was only on the third line.

– There is a lot of traffic on GitHub. As soon as the project gets into Trending, many people see it, put asterisks, and then it spins itself up to global Trending, and not by categories. We got there too, but we are somewhere in the middle.

The project includes a set of components for front-end development and helps to quickly assemble the visual part for sites: “Usually people buy them, and we have it free. Due to this, he is well dispersed .

Next, the team is going to go for ProductHunt – a service of a wider orientation compared to GitHub, which is focused on the developer community.

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