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An almost blind American saw his wedding 15 years later with the help of modern technology. 

He played the wedding again, and this time he considered everything.

The American Andrew Airy lived for 20 years with critically low visual acuity – according to American law, he was equated to the blind. The man married 15 years ago, but could not see almost anything at his wedding.

In 2018, Airy played the wedding again, and this time he considered everything thanks to the eSight device. It is a headset with HD-camera, dual screens and individually selected lenses.

The image from the camera is transmitted to the displays in real time after processing by algorithms, so that the visually impaired can see as usual. The device can be individually customized to your needs in each case.

The company eSight was founded in 2006 by Canadian engineer Conrad Lewis. He lived all his life with visually impaired sisters and wanted them to see as usual.

In 2017, eSight released the third version of its points. The device is the only product of its kind and is available at a price of about 10 thousand dollars (about half a million rubles).

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