After the trailer, the Avengers in social networks asked Musk, NASA and Roscosmos to save Tony Stark. NASA replied 

The ships for Iron Man were not sent, but at least they gave a couple of tips.

On December 7, a teaser-trailer for the fourth Avengers, one of the most awaited films of 2019, was released, which will complete the film universe of the Marvel superheroes. Seeing the movie, fans began to massively ask NASA to save one of the main characters of the painting, Tony Stark. The agency responded with a couple of tips.

Spoilers: there are details of the plot of the films “Avengers: War of Infinity” and “Avengers: Final” in the material.

In the finale of the “War of Infinity”, Thanos “erased” half of the living beings in the universe — at that time Iron Man was on the planet Tynan. Most likely, the action at the beginning of the trailer occurs shortly after these events: Stark drifts in space “without a single chance of salvation.” He writes a message and says that the food and water ended four days ago, and the oxygen was “ten hours”.

New “Avengers” set a record for trailer views in 24 hours, ahead of the previous part of the franchise. The dark moment from the teaser was remembered by the users of social networks, and they began to worry about the fate of Iron Man.

“Find Tony Stark. Can not? This is because it was stuck in space, food and water ran out four days ago, and there was about ten hours of oxygen left. ”

“I’m throwing everything to deliver food and water to Tony Stark before he dies in space.”
Fans of the universe have not forgotten that Stark is in space, so they started asking for help from NASA.

“What are you doing, NASA, Tony Stark in space, save him, he is dying”

“NASA, forget about exploring Mars and save Tony Stark, he is drifting in space without a chance for salvation. Food and water ended four days ago, there is enough oxygen for ten hours. ”

“People write NASA asking to save Tony Stark”

“This is me knocking on NASA’s door and asking to lend a ship to save Tony Stark”
They also remembered other possible saviors: the European Space Agency (ESA), Roscosmos and the head of SpaceX Elon Musk.

“Tony Stark can not worry, help on the way”

“Roskomos, NASA is not doing anything to save Tony Stark. Therefore, I ask if you can do this. He will be a valuable ally for you. The last time we heard about him, he drifted in space without food or water. He is the last hope of the Earth. ”
Later a fake NASA account appeared, which asked Twitter users not to contact the agency asking them to save the superhero.

After about a day, the real NASA answered. The agency did not send ships, but gave the rest of the Avengers a couple of tips.

“Hey, Marvel, we heard about Tony Stark. As far as we know, the first thing you have to do is to listen to the mission control center for the call sign “Avengers, we have problems”. But if he does not get in touch, we recommend using all ground resources to scan the sky for your missing guy. ”
Marvel fans also found Easter eggs in the photo from NASA.

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