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“Yandex.Navigator” allowed to pay for refueling without getting out of the car 

I drove up, pressed a button, refueled and drove away.

In the application “Yandex.Navigator” for Android, there was a payment for refueling, which allows you to refuel a car without going out to the cash register or terminal, the company told. On iOS, the function will appear later, but it is not known exactly when.

In the application, you need to bind a card, choose a gas station that supports payment, drive up to the required column, pay and wait for a gas station. The company says that the tankers should do everything themselves, and you will not need to leave the car Just in case, the application will be available to check the operation.

There is no additional margin for the user with such an operation: gasoline will cost as much as buying through the cashier. Does Yandex take a commission from gas stations, the company does not comment. Before this, Yandex.Navigator already had functions for paying for services — for example, traffic police fines, parking lots and towing.

At the initial stage, the service works only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, later other million-plus cities will be added, for example, Kazan. Supported gas stations include ESA, Neftmagistral, Petersburg Fuel Company, Raduga and Partners, and other regional fuel companies. Later Tatneft and Shell will join them.

Suspended service “Yandex.Zapravki” will soon be updated and will continue its work, the company said.

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