Top, transparent, yours. Video review Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

The company Xiaomi continues with the speed of the machine gun to release all new and new models of smartphones. Today we received a pro-version of the flagship phone Mi 8. The device is similar to the usual “eight”, but received some interesting highlights, which we will discuss in our video review.

The main feature of Mi 8 Pro is a transparent cover. Imagine, you are looking at the back panel and instead of boring plastic, glass or metal you see the inside of a smartphone! There is a processor, near memory, all sorts of schemes, soldering and other electronic joys. Looks amazing fresh!

However, there is one “but.” The insides are not real. In fact, the “iron” filling of any smartphone looks much more prosaic and less aesthetic. But this is not a print – the cover is really transparent, everything here is without deception. Just under it, you see a volume model, which fits perfectly into the image of the device.

Design Mi 8 we called boring and mundane. The pro-version of the flagship in size completely coincides with the original, but thanks to the design of the back side it looks much more interesting. Yes, the electronics from the window looks unreal. But if you treat this as a factory decor, then the design comes with a bang.

By the way, Xiaomi left many “easter eggs” for the fans. Owners of good vision can look at a lot of small inscriptions on a dummy. For example, here is the name of the novel by Auguste Villiers de Lisle-Adan, where the android is first mentioned. You can also find the coordinates of the headquarters of Xiaomi, the slogan and the key value of the company, the time to IPO and the date of the first smartphone of the corporation.

The second “chip” – a fingerprint scanner in the display. This we have already seen in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . The principle of operation is the same: in a certain place on the screen there is a place where you need to put your finger. Just touch will not work, it is necessary to attach and hold a second. Only then the phone is unlocked. It does not work instantly, there is a delay. But the erroneous recognition, unlike the Mate 20 Pro, is less.

Yet scanners in the display still need to be improved. In terms of convenience, accuracy and speed of work, they lag behind conventional sensors, which are usually located on the lid or under the screen.

But you can do without fingerprinting at all: Mi 8 Pro can recognize the face of the owner. It works in any conditions – in the dark, with glasses, hats, and so on. No worse than Face ID in the iPhone! The smartphone, however, warns that such a system is unreliable and can be deceived through photography. For the sake of interest, we tried to slip a snapshot of the scanner. Nothing happened, only the real face will know!

The hardware stuffing of the Mi 8 Pro is almost the same as the Mi 8. Unless the RAM has been dropped to 8 GB. It’s the same: a Snapdragon 845 processor, a 6.2-inch AMOLED screen, a pair of 12-megapixel cameras. Removes the phone cool. To compete with the iPhone, Galaxy or top Huawei? No problem.

And now – to the minuses. Without drawbacks not done. For example, the same model does not only “make beautifully”, but also “oppresses” the battery. The engineers had to install a more compact battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh instead of 3400 mAh. Light day work smartphone will provide, but better to keep charging at hand.

By the way, about charging. Charging without wires Mi 8 Pro can not. For the flagship this is sad. Also, the protection against dust and water has not been officially confirmed – it is better not to risk it and not to leave the device in the rain.

It’s unusual to see such a thick “chin” under the screen in a modern smartphone. Today, top-end devices are trying to reduce the frame from all sides, so the front side of the Mi 8 Pro does not look very modern.

What is the result? Considered Mi 8 Pro stops half a step from the current flagship status. Impressions spoil the little things like the lack of moisture protection and wireless charging. At the same time, thanks to an unusual cover, the phone looks very fresh. Suppose that we have a model, but beautiful. It looks interesting, “not like everyone else.”

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