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Qualcomm introduced a powerful processor for computers on Windows 10

At the Snapdragon Summit event, Qualcomm declassified not only the Snapdragon 855 flagship mobile chip, but also a new processor for computers.

The chip is called Snapdragon 8cx. The peculiarity is that this is the first Qualcomm processor, designed specifically for machines running Windows 10. The previous model – Snapdragon 850 – was, in fact, a modified version of the mobile Snapdragon 845, and the novelty is designed specifically for the PC. The chip is made on the 7-nm process technology, Adreno 680 is responsible for the graphics (it can pull a picture for two monitors in 4K with HDR).

Qualcomm says that the 8cx is twice as powerful as the Snapdragon 850. On benchmarks, it bypasses the Intel Core i5-6300U in multi-core mode, but slightly inferior in the single-core test. However, it is more logical to compare 8cx with the eighth generation Core i5, however, there are no such tests yet.

The first devices with it will appear in the third quarter of next year.

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