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In the US, the distribution of 40 thousand free cheesecakes ended in queues in several cities, a fight and arrest 

Love for free can ruin anything.

In early December, the American company Cheesecake Factory announced that it would distribute 40 thousand free cheesecakes in restaurants of the chain in one day in honor of their birthday. But the rally, which took place on December 5, turned into customer dissatisfaction, with one arrest and a call from medical professionals.

To avoid queuing, the company set the conditions: free dessert had to be ordered using DoorDash delivery service. However, two hours after the start of the promotion, the cheesecakes ran out, and in the Cheesecake Factory establishments there were lines of couriers. At this time, hundreds of users of social networks complained about the manufacturer of desserts for poor service. Some people went for their cheesecakes themselves – and also got into the line.

According to media reports, a scuffle broke out in a restaurant in the city of Arlington between customers who were waiting for their order. They had to reassure the police – they arrested one person. Also in Arlington had to call the doctors. Residents of the city, who at that time were in the Cheesecake Factory, wrote that the situation was “out of control.”

To somehow improve the situation, Cheesecake Factory increased the number of free cheesecakes to 60 thousand. Local journalists reacted to the unsuccessful action with irony.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Distributing cheesecakes may seem like the most effective way to bring joy and goodness to this world. But this is a fallen world – a world full of chaos, greed and anger. And common human anger has caused the “death” of one of the brightest days in history – the day of free cheesecakes.[/perfectpullquote]
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