Apple shares fall again

Apparently, until the end of the year, Apple will not be able to return to a trillion dollars of capitalization. After some respite, the value of the company’s shares began to fall again, dropping in a few hours from $ 181 to $ 176. Analysts blame the weak sales of the new iPad Pro.

They believe that amid falling production of new iPhones, they could drop to $ 165. And all because of the pricing policy, which scares fans of Apple technology from upgrades to the devices of the new generation.

An analyst from Rosenblatt Securities believes that in fiscal year 2020, Apple expects a slight increase in revenue. For the whole year, the company’s turnover will be about $ 270 billion – 7% below forecasts.

Nevertheless, the company itself is full of optimism. They assume that during the holiday season their turnover will grow to numbers in the range of $ 88–92 billion.

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