Why Yandex.Phone does not need to buy

Yandex has finally made a smartphone, but has not yet figured out who needs it. Globally, there is nothing unique in a gadget, except for the company’s assistant – Alice. Characteristics match or lose to Xiaomi and Huawei devices at a similar price.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Strengths – high-quality screen and good sound, which is rare for budget smartphones.[/perfectpullquote]

Weak – everything else . The weak interest of Russians to voice assistants does not help either. This is not the United States with a rampage love for Alexa from Amazon. We do not have the habit of constantly talking with the gadget. Therefore, the main feature of Yandex. Phone is initially unattractive to the masses.

The chances of Yandex.Telephone for success will directly depend on its price in the future, as the first wave of “HYIP” falls. For the sake of Alice alone, they will not buy it, because the Yandex assistant is freely available in any application, at least on Android, at least on the iPhone.


If the smartphone falls in price to 12-15 thousand rubles, then the forecast is positive. In the meantime, they may be interested only in the capital hipsters, fans of Yandex and simply bored gadzhetomany. There are not so many of them in Russia to ensure a noticeable success for a smartphone.

If nothing changes, in the next six months or a year of Yandex. The phone will be seen only in the hands of taxi drivers and Yandex couriers. A simple user is still more logical to take a Chinese smartphone for the same (or smaller) money, but with better features.

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