Why AirPods are the best headphones in my life.

 I listened to a hundred different models of headphones. Probably even two hundred. Best bought myself.

At the weekend I decided to see how many headphones were lying around the house. Twenty-six pairs, not including Apple wired inserts. They can safely bury head on.

But one thing is to have a bunch of different headphones, and another is to really use them. In reality, you have two or three maximum pairs, which are simply better than most points.

Among these couples, I do not have AirPods. They simply do not leave their ears, pockets or bags. Of all the headphones, whether wired or Bluetooth, none have been used by me as often, regularly and as hard as the controversial and ridiculous Apple earphones.

After almost two years, the AirPods have become absolutely, unconditionally the best headphones that you can buy for the owner of an iPhone, iPad or even a Mac. Nothing and no one comes close to them even close by the most difficult and important criterion for any thing: the totality of all the advantages.

Simply put, AirPods are the best headphones in my life. But not by something specifically, but to everyone at once.

What I like about AirPods so much


It seems that only the lazy one has not released its AirPods “killers”. But where are they? Why don’t I see every third person in my ears?

It got to the point that the authors forbade the use of the phrase itself – it is so ridiculous in 2018 to mean that the next fully wireless plugs can really “break” Apple inserts.

It is very difficult to bring out the key, the main plus of the AirPods, which sharply extols them over the rest of the competition. In thoughts there is a jumble of cool features of these headphones. But one word flashes more often than others.

This is a convenience.

It is convenient for me that I throw the bag in my pocket in the morning and I am not looking for exercises for it in the evening.

It is convenient for me that the headphones easily fly into the case and are just as easy to reach. You do not need to insert several times before the contacts “find” the induction pad and start charging. This cant is in 8 out of 10 cases of competitors, it infuriates a little.


It is convenient for me that the case itself is incredibly small . Seriously, I didn’t see anything less – even the E brands that are popular in Russian stores with the letter E cover bigger and fatter.

Conveniently, the headphones are instantly connected to the latest device. For the sake of AirPods, I have never entered the Bluetooth menu.


Conveniently, I can reconnect the headphones to an iPad, another iPhone, Apple Watch or any MacBook with a couple of clicks on the sound source emblems. Once and for all, no “stripping” and pinching a Bluetooth button. However, the so-called “plus” – Apple does not give competitors the W1 chip necessary for this, so that they too can do so.

Conveniently, AirPods never fell out of their ears in 2 years . Even if I jump with my head bowed. For some, the situation is worse, but I was lucky.

Only AirPods are inserted into the ears so easy. Literally “threw” them there with one movement, not correcting anything. You can listen. You do not need to look for suitable vacuum “plugs” or remove the earpiece in your ear until you can achieve the “vacuum” effect.

AirPods themselves turn on the music when they are inserted. And it is stopped. Even if the playback is not restored, you can gently knock on any of the headphones – it will work. Layfkhak, if that.

AirPods do not interrupt the signal by a couple of meters away from the iPhone . And in areas of terrible interference (for example, near the Belorussky railway station in Moscow), they boldly work almost without a break where the rest stupidly lose touch. I have not yet met fully wireless headphones with such a range of signal reception.


AirPods charge quickly : I throw them in the case, and after 15 minutes I can listen to them for another hour.

And the AirPods play good music for actually open headphones. They have no sound insulation, but the bass is still felt. The vocals are lively, medium frequencies are noticeable, almost all tracks sound decently for the street. Do not compare with EarPods, this is a different level – AirPods do play better.

This damn case is very pleasant to open and close, just like flip phones ten or more years ago. Just do not do it with other people or in complete silence. Guaranteed to start piss off.

What is so lacking AirPods that others have


Cons, too. But they can be seen and understood one by one. Hidden unpleasant surprises at AirPods stupidly not.

Case for two years turned into a scuffed terrible . If you carry it in your pants pocket for at least a week, the glossy surface will be erased and will begin to “make up”.

Even for 3 months of careful use, the gloss will peel off, and near the case it will look completely tortured.

For some reason, some stare at the AirPods in their ears. I can understand them. He also did the first time after the start of sales – these headphones look too unusual. But when every hour you see someone new in them, surprise and (for some) disgust is dulled.

And in general, not too much they are ugly. Looks better than any giant wireless mugs.


AirPods is excitingly . For a month you will have a reflex to clean the headphones themselves in the back pocket or in the case, if you are not using. And periodically check whether they are in place.

All sorts of holders on the neck – an idiot thing, do not buy this thrash and do not even try. It’s easier then to buy Beats X.


To my credit, I will say that I haven’t really lost a single earpiece yet. And the application helps to find the iPhone : well yelling from each headphone, if they lie somewhere nearby.

AirPods will not connect over the wire . Strange minus, I understand. But when for weeks you do not use anything other than them, you can forget that some gadgets still do not have Bluetooth. Especially with this strain the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

It is a pity that in Cupertino they did not provide an option with a wired connection of the sound source. Could a minijack port do somewhere in the briefcase. The normal idea is the same.

You are now reading the line over which I have been thinking for about five minutes. Because I can’t find the minuses anymore, I just don’t know. So that’s it.

Probably, I would be interested in the version of AirPods in the format of “plugs”, that is, a la in-ear headphones. Only they, it seems, can be better than the current “eirpods”. But time will tell. And now

AirPods can be done a little better, but no one could. And it can hardly


Every time I get ready in the morning, there is not even a thought: to take or not to take AirPods with me. They just fly into your pocket immediately. They can lie there for a day or two. And can be in the ears for weeks with short breaks.

One thing does not change. No headphones in my life — including those from Apple — I wore as consistently, often, and with such indestructible pleasure as AirPods. It’s been a long time to spit on the design, the lack of sound insulation is not too embarrassing, and even the outwardly killed case does not cause a desire to buy something else.

This combination of a dozen pluses and insignificant, initially expected minuses is unique. If my AirPods die (and they will surely die sooner or later), I will buy new ones without blinking. And I will do it faster than, say, thinking about buying a new model of iPhone or Mac.

There is no fanfare in this. Give me something absolutely definitely better from any other company, and I’ll be happy to change it. But this is not. And believe me, I listened to everything.


There are models that play music better, but are uncomfortable. Which are convenient, but work a little. Which constantly lose a signal, but keep for a long time. Everywhere some kind of roulette, which is not with AirPods.

And yes, from time to time I still use other headphones. Powerful, expensive, plug-in or large, overhead, wired. But it usually happens at home. For example, I like the album, and I want to hear it in all its glory, without ambient sounds.

But only episodes. AirPods are always.

It turns out that I love AirPods more than any other Apple gadget. Here is a direct love and a point. I think I’m not alone.

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