The most popular tracks and albums in 2018 according to Yandex.Music. 

The Yandex.Music service summed up the results of 2018 by choosing music tracks and albums that enjoyed the most interest of users. About this  told the company.

According to the service, music in Russian began to be listened to more than in previous years, but how exactly it is unknown. At the same time in the all-Russian top-10 equally the tracks from Russian and foreign performers.

Among the domestic groups, the users of the favorites were Bi-2, and among all the female singers, as well as a year earlier, LOBODA. At the same time, the attention of listeners and music critics was captured by the Coin, which is considered the breakthrough of the year.

The release of Eldzhey “Sayonara Boy X” was the most listened rap album of the year. MATRANG was also noted: its track “Medusa” was released at the very beginning of the year and was in the first place in the top of Russian-speaking performers.

Philip Kirkorov’s track “The Color of Mood Blue” hit the tops, and his joint track with Yegor Creed, “The Color of Mood Black” became the main track of the fall according to the users’ version of Yandex. Music.

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