The first stage of the Falcon 9 from SpaceX during landing fell into the ocean

But the truck successfully went to the ISS.

Video accident from several angles

SpaceX successfully sent a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station. However, with a controlled landing, the first step did not descend at Cape Canaveral, but into the Atlantic Ocean not far from the cosmodrome.

The first stage lost control due to a hydraulic pump failure in the steering control system. Judging by the broadcast, when landing, the stage began to spin around its axis. The stage has stabilized, despite the problems with the steering wheel: the rotation was compensated and stopped due to the operation of the engines.

According to the observation of The Verge, SpaceX for the first time in its history failed to land the first stage of the Falcon 9. At launch, a new first stage of the launch vehicle was used, which had not previously been launched.

During the accident, SpaceX interrupted the broadcast. But Musk tweeted a complete recording of the landing step.

The main mission of the second launch of the SpaceX Dragon truck to the ISS was successful: it is already on its way to the station. The ship will deliver 2.5 tons of cargo, including food, equipment and materials for scientific research. Docking is scheduled for December 8th.

The current launch was for SpaceX already the 20th in a row for the year. The launch vehicle was launched from the US Air Force base at 21:16 Moscow time.

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