Revealed design of completely new AirPods

Following the news of Apple’s plans to release a new generation of AirPods wireless headsets by 2020 , a corresponding patent has appeared.

It looks like the new headset will be completely different from the AirPods 2016.

First, they will equip with interchangeable ear cushions and latches, which means that now the headset will become truly universal. If necessary, the user need only select the appropriate size of the nozzle.

Secondly, various biometric sensors will be present in the new generation AirPods . Their task is to track the state of health of the owner.

They are also responsible for the balance of sound, helping the integrated processor to determine which ear is inserted into a specific earpiece.

Schematically, the headset looks like this:

Presumably, AirPods will teach you to measure body temperature and pulse.

If everything goes according to plan, and Apple does not abandon this patent to gather dust on the shelves, then we will see a similar headset in 2020. The Verge ]

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