Pantone Institute calls the color of 2019 “living coral”

It reflects the connection and intimacy in the era of digital technology and social networks.

Pantone Research Institute announced the color of 2019 – it became a “living coral.” The hue symbolizes the intimacy and inner need for optimism.

According to Pantone vice president Laurie Pressman, color is “it’s a language,” and it’s inextricably linked to culture. The representative of the institute explained the choice of “living coral” by the growing environmental impact on people’s lives.

One of the reasons [choosing a “living coral”] is how much we are connected with technology. Because we are so attached to something unreal, so to speak, we really need to find this balance of intimacy and intimacy with something real. And there is nothing more real than nature.

The second reason is our understanding of natural resources. We look at what happens in nature, we see the depletion of natural resources. One of the things we get from nature is energy. When we think about the changes in the nature of our world, this color enlivens and proves life.

Lori Pressman

vice president of Pantone

As noted in Time, the choice of color “living coral” also literally reflects the importance of coral reefs, which are an important part of the marine ecosystem. Journalists explained that because of the increasing talk about climate change in recent years, “living coral” and its relationship with nature seem especially relevant.

For 20 years now, Pantone has been choosing the color of the coming year every December. The choice is based on fashion, architecture, design and cultural trends.

Pantone colors of the year over the past 5 years

2018 Color – Ultraviolet

Color of 2017 – “Greens”

Colors of 2016 – Rose Quartz and Calm

Color of 2015 – “Marsala” – natural red wine

Color of the year 2014 – “Shining Orchid”

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