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In the government building of Illinois installed “festive” satanic statue – next to the Christmas tree 

Because any religious organization has the right to put a festive decoration there, and the state cannot censor it.

Photos from GoFundMe
The American religious organization Satanic Temple installed its own sculpture in the Illinois State Capitol Hall for the winter holidays. The statue first joined the traditional decorations for Christmas and Hanukkah, which are annually exhibited in the government building.

The sculpture is a hand holding a black apple, and a pedestal with the inscription: “Knowledge is the greatest gift.” A snake is wrapped around the arm. The “Satanic Temple” branch in Chicago emphasized that the purpose of the statue is not the propaganda of faith in the devil, but “the support of kindness and understanding among people.” Money for the monument was collected through crowdfunding.

Satanic sculpture stands in the hall of the Capitol between the Christmas fir and the menorah for Hanukkah. Some local organizations were outraged by the new decoration for the winter holidays, but state officials reminded that in the US, any religious group has the right to display its exhibit in the hall.

Also, the authorities cannot censor jewelry, because the Capitol Hall is a public place that is not supported by taxpayers’ money. For example, for several years there was a sign from the “Foundation for Freedom from Religion” with the inscription: “Religion is a myth and superstition that hardens the hearts and enslaves the minds”.

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