I tested the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Does size matter?

The first Mi Max was the most successful phablet of 2016. So say sales – similar smartphones from other companies are much less.

The second Max is even better: a rugged case, a flagship camera, a loud stereo system and a fresh Android 7.1.1. Only the screen with an area of ​​two iPhone 7 Plus and record autonomy remained unchanged .

On Mi Max 2 you can watch 2 seasons of “Game of Thrones” through the mobile Internet without interruption.

Design and usability

The appearance of Xiaomi smartphones over the past year has evolved dramatically. Although in many of them you can see the solutions of first-tier companies, even Alcatel / TCL and Sony have something to borrow from countless Redmi.

However, Mi Max 2 is a direct copy of the new version of the Mi Pad 3 tablet. Or one of the very popular devices in Russia with a number instead of a name (guess yourself what).

Pretty logical decision, given the size of the smartphone. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is not in the pocket of narrow trendy jeans. Or grow (above, up and out), or wear Regular. with my small height, he climbs only into the back pocket. However, like the 5.5-inch smartphones (otherwise the legs do not bend, sorry for the details).

The back cover is a solid piece of metal with small inserts for antennas. No gaps, no projections, no disgusting plastic inserts. Integral “trough” Mi Max 2 is not only stylish, but also durable. Unlike the first Mi Max’a, who suffered from deformation of the metal sheet in the center of the back panel.

Another corporate feature Xiaomi – maximum symmetry of the smartphone. All angles are the same, the gratings are double, the sensor and the camera on the “face” are opposite each other. Even distances are respected.

Only the placement of the main camera (copied from the Mi Pad 3) seems to be unfortunate – it looks great, but the smartphone has to be turned into a clockwise orientation. Like left handed. If you work with him out of habit, it is easy to close the camera with your fingers.

The controls are familiar. It is a pity, but with the dimensions of Mi Max 2 two hands are required: one works with the bottom row of navigation keys, the second with the main buttons and the fingerprint scanner.

Corporate MIUI interface scaling, compressing the screen to 3.5-4.5 inches, almost does not save. Unlocked – shift the smartphone more conveniently, or use the other hand.

If you turn on the on-screen multifunction button and deal with the curtain, you can do without the navigation keys, then Zen comes.

Display: smartphone or small tablet?

How else to call the feeling of working with a 6.44-inch screen at Full HD resolution? It easily fits 2 iPhone screens, and the same amount of information. An indescribable feeling, after which it is very difficult to abandon the Mi Max. After all, it is still a smartphone that still fits in your pocket.

The display is clear, with high contrast and excellent levels of brightness: at night does not hurt the eyes, the summer sun is not a hindrance. The display angles are excellent, despite the 2.5D angles rounded. Pixels are not visible. No inversion, no inconvenience.

Except, perhaps, excessive brightness of flowers. But the temperature is adjusted in the system: from cold to yellow. There is also the ability to turn on the yellow backlight instead of white (reading mode). Like fonts, contrast and many other display options. Just a song!

Performance: synthetic tests and real load

Rumors around the Mi Max 2 promised a modification of the latest Quallcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. After the new Apple platform, this is the most productive, energy efficient — the coolest processor. But…

To unify the smartphones being produced, Xiaomi engineers equipped the “tablet” with last year’s Snapdragon 625. This is not a mid-price, like the 652 model in the first Mi Max. Modern – its performance is enough for any task. Energy efficient (how!) – we’ll talk about this later.

But psychologically, the price of the Mi Max 2 and the processor from the budget Redmi 3 Pro (Prime) and Redmi Note 4X are poorly perceived. Another “test for a man” from Xiaomi. In real-world tasks, the Snapdragon 625 and 4 GB of RAM easily handle everything.

Huge pdf open in seconds. Games run at maximum settings. Programs do not slow down, even if in their memory 5-10. There are no system lags – absolutely and never.

Operating system and software

The smartphone runs MIUI 8.5 based on the latest Android 7.1.1. In the near future, an update to MIUI 9 is planned. Mi Max 2 will be one of the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the latest version of the operating system.

Unfortunately, Android 7 is almost invisible at its base. There is no dual-window mode, although it would be most appropriate for Mi Max 2. Actually, no branded chips “seven” for “Max” does not. But the usual – more than enough.

You can adjust almost everything: from the color temperature of the display, to the reaction of the smartphone to certain events. There is also a second desktop mode, allowing you to create a separate space with your own accounts, programs and settings.

For supporters of minimalism, separate applications are duplicated. Of course, advanced child control and security settings for each program separately are also present.

Battery life

I will not lie if I call Xiaomi Mi Max 2 an absolute record holder of autonomy. At least among Chinese smartphones he has no competitors. Even among those units, batteries which boast absolutely incredible figures of 6000 or 10,000 mAh.

At the same time, the battery Mi Max 2 – only 5000 mAh. But thanks to the energy efficient processor and good optimization of the operating system, the smartphone can work without recharging for 3-4 days in the most serious modes of use. With the use of a system monitor consumption – even more.

A sustained load in one scenario gives the following figures:

  • reading (average brightness, airplane mode) – up to 25 hours;
  • video viewing (average brightness, Full HD, Wi-Fi) – 16-18 hours depending on the reception quality;
  • video viewing (average brightness, Full HD, Full HD, 4G) – 14 hours;
  • 3D applications or games (maximum brightness, 4G) – 10 hours.

Photography and sound

Here we also have a pleasant surprise. In Xiaomi Mi Max 2 a good camera is installed, which has proven itself in such smartphones as Mi5s and Mi6. Of course, the Mi Max 2 is easier optics, and for sure there are system limitations. But with good lighting, the camera allows you to get excellent art shots, even in macro mode.

Difficult coverage of the smartphone is a little worse, and in some cases you can see artifacts or sharps in the pictures. Perhaps these effects will be reduced in the following firmware. Although the footage made by Mi Max 2 is a cut above other Chinese devices (if it’s not a camera phone or a flagship, like Mi5s).

The sound in the headphones pleases: the smartphone plays the entire range. Of course, paired with fairly good headphones. The built-in equalizer only improves the sound, allowing you to pull out a weak headset.

External dynamics is altogether beyond all praise. First, there are two of them: the one that hides under the bars and combined with the spoken above the screen. Secondly, they are loud. Small Bluetooth -column perekrichit. Yes, and with low frequencies everything is in order here – as far as the dimensions of the smartphone allow.

Experience of use

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 got to weekly testing. This is enough to get the necessary data – but desperately little to realize its convenience. Despite this, the smartphone leaves only positive impressions.

Still, is it a very big smartphone or a small tablet? Everyone will be able to answer this question himself, but only after their own experience of use.

This is the main mystery of Mi Max and many other devices with a screen diagonal of 6.44 inches: a huge spade rarely sits comfortably in the hands, but amazes with new experience of interaction with content.

Where you could see 2 lines – you see the whole page. And this shovel can still be put in your pocket. Near the ear, such a smartphone is not surprising and the laughter of others .

If you get used to it, it turns out that Mi Max 2 offers much more opportunities for content consumption than smartphones up to 6 inches.


As you can understand from the text, I liked Xiaomi Mi Max 2. This is a balanced smartphone, which can pull on the side of the “shovels” fans of more miniature devices. Sound, camera, screen and a great operating system – gentleman’s kit for a successful smartphone.

But he has serious flaws. The lack of side frames would solve many problems associated with the dimensions of the smartphone. And the camera in difficult conditions is frankly weak. But at the cost of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 in $ 250, there is nothing to complain about.

This is the cheapest and balanced smartphone of such a diagonal. We must take.

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