How to see all the secrets that Apple Music knows about you

Throughout the day, while I work for a Mac, music plays softly in the background. From streaming services I prefer Apple Music. I often use the recommended selections, sometimes I twist my favorite playlists.

Not so long ago, Apple, forced to adhere to European legislation on the protection of personal data of GDRP users , launched the ability to upload personal data that is available to the company.

And one developer Pat Murray decided to take advantage of this and launched a service that analyzes the music preferences of users of the Apple Music service. The source file is exported from the Apple server.

At the output, we obtain detailed statistics on all tracks and listening times. In this manual, we will explain how to access such information.

Downloading information on the Apple website

Apple made sure that any user could download any information that the company stores on their servers. If Apple had not done this, they would have received an impressive penalty.

Step 1. Go to the special section of the site and go through authorization using Apple ID.

Please note that you need to use the same account as in the Apple Music service.

Step 2. On the page for receiving a copy of the data, select the item ” Information about Apple multimedia services “. Just tick the box and move on.

When selecting the maximum file size, specify 1 GB .

Step 3. Click “Run query”.

Apple will warn you that the data has gone into preparation. The corresponding notification will also come to the post office.


According to Apple, data processing will take no more than a week. In reality, personally, it took me four days to prepare the necessary files.

Step 4. On completion of the file preparation procedure, you will receive a second letter. It will also link to download.

Considering that in this type of query there are only summary tables and no multimedia files, the size of the downloaded archive in my case was only 2.98 MB.

Download “Information about Apple multimedia services.” It downloads in the form of a ZIP archive.

Step 5. Unpack this file, and then another archive – “”.

Everything, now we have the necessary data for a third-party service that will allow a complete picture of the history of Apple Music.

Step 6. Open the website .

Click on the item “Select File”. In the previously unpacked archive, find the file “ Apple Music Play Activity.csv “. It is located in the Apple Music Activity folder .


Now you can view detailed statistics on your activity on the Apple Music service. Charts, time, number of tracks played and preferences – all this will be on one page.

With the service you can learn a lot of interesting information. Here is a list of data that is available in summaries:

  • favorite track time
  • total usage time of Apple Music
  • number of tracks played
  • number of songs and artists you listened to
  • service usage statistics by months
  • play time on a specific date
  • play time during the day
  • favorite songs by year
  • the entire list of the most popular songs by number of plays

All this information is a little surprising and surprising. Since 2018, Apple Music has been continuously playing for 59 days from my MacBook speakers and smartphone. I listened to 7,293 songs, and my favorite band played continuously for 2 days and 7 hours.

Using the service, you can make certain conclusions and adjust your musical preferences, or create a list of your favorite tracks.

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